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We help you make the most of your site with our comprehensive site investigation services.

James Huntington | Managing Director

Dunelm have 50 years’ experience as leaders in the field of ground investigation, providing site investigation services on a national scale at competitive prices. Having complete accreditation for Quality, Environment and Health and Safety, our clients are afforded a first class service, with results they can be confident in. Our highly qualified, experienced staff and in-house drilling services deliver an efficient and flexible service which can be tailored to the needs of our clients.

Leaders in the
Field of Ground Investigation

Dunelm are Leaders in the Field of Ground Investigation, specialising in providing comprehensive site investigation services that are tailored to the unique needs of each client.



Dunelm Geotechincal and Environmental Ltd are a leading provider of overwater site investigation services.


Dunelm Geotechnical and Environmental Ltd have years of experience in providing comprehensive site investigation services within the utilities sector.


We are experienced in providing comprehensive support for residential development projects.


Dunelm Geotechnical & Environmental Ltd has a vast experience in working within the renewable energy industry.


Dunelm Geotechnical and Environmental Ltd, are a RISQ Audited company with extensive experience in providing site investigation services to the rail industry.

Public Sector

Dunelm Geotechnical & Environmental Ltd are the trusted partner of many local authorities throughout the UK.

Ports and Harbours

Dunelm Geotechnical and Environmental is a leading provider of comprehensive site investigation services for ports and harbours. We specialise in both overwater and land-based elements of site investigations.


Dunelm Geotechnical and Environmental are a trusted partner for power generation projects throughout the UK.


With our extensive experience in wider infrastructure projects, encompassing water, rail, highways, electricity generation, and distribution, we proudly offer comprehensive site investigation services to a variety of clients.


With our extensive experience in the UK’s highways sector, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of site investigation services to a variety of clients.


Dunelm Geotechnical & Environmental Ltd specialises in providing comprehensive support for the development of industrial and commercial property projects.

Our in-house team of Geotechnical, Environmental and Drilling specialists comprises Project Managers, Geologists, Environmental Scientists, Remediation Designers, Drillers, Site Supervisors and Technicians.

We work as partners with civil, structural, and environmental consultants, project managers, local authorities, infrastructure operators, private companies, planners and architects across the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

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