Ashington Town Centre

Dunelm were commissioned to undertake a £125k Geoenvironmental Investigation for the redevelopment of Ashington town centre.  Dunelm held a strategic role in providing the geotechnical information required for the initial phase of the £74million redevelopment project. The objectives of the investigation were to provide information for foundation design, geoenvironmental assessment, CBR values for road design and a shallow coal mining assessment.

The investigation covered a 1.25Ha plot located in the active Ashington town centre and the busy central bus depot.  Our project manager was responsible for co-ordinating with the regulatory bodies to allow for geotechnical testing and sampling to be undertaken in existing roads. This required traffic management for several roads and the implementation of night work to ensure a safe working environment for staff and members of the public.

Historic records indicated potential issues relating to asbestos and a former abattoir; the use of appropriate PPE and decontamination units were used to provide staff with the highest level of protection. Despite the difficulties, the investigation was EC7 compliant, from which reliable, cost-effective recommendations were made.

Dunelm delivered a high-quality investigation, including the provision of geotechnical recommendations, preliminary pile design in accordance with EC7 and obtaining Class 1 samples using Geo-bore S drilling techniques achieving 100% recovery. Geoenvironmental assessment allowed for targeted chemical testing in areas where specific contaminants were identified from the site history desk study.

The investigation was delivered successfully ahead of schedule, within budget and with minimal disruption to an active town centre.

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