Desk Studies

Phase 1 Site Investigation/Desk Study

Phase 1 Site Investigation or desk study is usually undertaken at the start of the site investigation process.  This allow for information to be gathered to help characterise a site and to assist in the development of the Phase 2 Intrusive investigation.

The desk study assists in developing a picture of a sites environmental setting, by reviewing published information including: geology, mining, quarrying, hydrogeology, hydrology, site history, landfill, waste and Local Authority and Environment Agency regulatory concerns.  In addition a detailed walkover survey is undertaken to allow for visual inspection of the site.

The walkover survey or site reconnaissance will assist in the development of a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) which helps to identify potential sources of contamination and pathways which may reach vulnerable receptors as well as identifying potential pollutant linkages.  The CSM is refined during the Phase 2 Intrusive investigation where conclusions and recommendations are provided.

A Phase 1 Site Investigation allows for:

  • Tailoring of project resources
  • Preliminary geological ground conditions
  • Identification of potential sources of contamination
  • Early warning of additional budget costs or possible delays

A Phase 1 Site Investigation is a requirement in CLR11 (Model Procedures for the Management of Contaminated Land), BS5930 and BS10175.

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