Earthworks Design and Testing

Dunelm have experience in the design of earthworks specification, materials testing and classification, and earthworks validation.

We provide onsite monitoring and testing, as well as laboratory analysis.

Earthworks design and reporting is undertaken in line with the Specification for Highway Works, or other specifications as appropriate. We will work with you, and the local authority, to provide solutions to meet your needs.

In-situ Testing

In-situ testing can include:

  • Plate Load tests
  • Sand Replacement tests
  • California Bearing Ratio tests
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometer tests

Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing can include:

  1. Material classification testing
    • Moisture content
    • Atterberg tests (plasticity tests)
    • Particle Size Distribution
    • Sedimentation
  2. Compaction testing
  3. Particle density tests
  4. Bulk and dry density tests
  5. Moisture Condition value
  6. Aggressivity testing
  7. Re-moulded CBR tests

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