Mining Risk Assessment

Dunelm have a long experience and significant expertise in carrying out Coal Mining Risk Assessments, which are becoming a planning requirement in coal mining areas. We are also able to offer subsequent investigation and recommendations for remedial work.

New formal requirements relating to planning applications as well as some new terminology in relation to Coal Mining Development Areas were introduced formally by the Coal Authority (CA) in July 2011.

The ‘Specific Coal Mining Development Areas’ and ‘Low Risk Areas’ have been defined by the CA. Based upon CA records, the ‘Specific Coal Mining Development Areas’ where safety risks such as potential land instability associated with prior coal mining activities are likely to be highest. The include recorded mine entries, areas of former surface mining as well as areas of known or suspected shallow coal mining amongst others. It is now a statutory requirement to consult with the CA for any planning application in a High Risk Area.

Desk-based assessments completed by Dunelm start with examining the mining report and may include studies of published geological maps, geological technical memoirs & reports, any available mine abandonment plans, and any available borehole logs.

A mining risk assessment would normally be included in the broader geoenvironmental Desk Study (or Phase 1) report required by planning applications for all developments other than minor domestic extensions.

We will advise on a course of action with respect to a suitable foundation solution, and will avoid recommending more intrusive investigation such as rotary boreholes wherever possible.

When it is necessary however Dunelm can undertake these investigations to find out whether the old mine works may cause a risk of instability at the surface.

If you have a requirement for this or other mining risk assessment consultancy, please contact us to discuss your project.

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