Contract Management

Dunelm are able to supply drilling rigs and crews nationwide. But Dunelm doesn’t just supply drilling rigs – we have a team who are experienced in managing large contracts that often extend over many weeks.

Many of our projects have involved drilling boreholes over water, in locations with difficult access such as in car parks and inside operational buildings, and on hazardous sites such as active chemical plants and petrol filling stations.

All ancillary aspects of the site investigation such as site welfare, fencing, security, traffic management and survey work can be arranged if required, as can the removal of spoil to comply with waste management regulations, including registering the site as a hazardous waste producer if necessary. Dunelm can also arrange for a Ground Radar survey to be carried out prior to work commencing in order to minimise the risk of damaging buried services such as pipes and cables.

Dunelm have wide experience of acting as Principal Contractor in accordance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.

Each contract is assigned a project manager who will have extensive experience of co-ordinating operations, managing health and safety, and communicating with clients, site operators and other interested parties. The project manager also provides technical oversight of the works and is responsible for ensuring that information is passed to the client in a timely fashion.

Each contract would normally be supervised full-time by an experienced geoenvironmental engineer who is responsible for day to day management of the works and for producing records (logs) of the soil and rock strata together with photographs and other information required.

All our drillers have considerable experience of drilling in different ground conditions and all have obtained (or are presently undertaking) the NVQ in Land Drilling. Drilling operations are overseen by a Drilling Manager who visits sites continuously to ensure that the required standards are being maintained.

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