Mini percussive drilling

The mini percussive rig (mini rig) is a compact self-contained rig which can be maneuvered under its own power into locations with difficult access.  The rig is transported to site in a panel van together with all ancillary equipment, allowing rapid and inexpensive mobilisation to any location in the country.

The rig can also be used on gently sloping sites which may not be accessible by the cable percussion rig. The mini rig is mounted on tracks allowing access over soft ground surfaces, and can fit through a standard doorway allowing drilling to be undertaken inside buildings. Drilling and sampling to depths of 5 to 10m is achievable depending on ground conditions.

Disturbed samples are taken from the borehole and logged by an experienced geoenvironmental engineer. Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) and borehole permeability testing can be undertaken within the mini boreholes. On completion, gas and groundwater monitoring pipes are often installed in the borehole to allow later measurements by our dedicated technician.

Dunelm also have dynamic probing equipment (DPSH ‘super-heavy’ specification) which can be fitted rapidly in place of the sampling tools. This allows dynamic probing to be alternated with fully sampled boreholes, providing a versatile site investigation method.

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