Trial Pitting

Dunelm can also undertake a trial pitting investigation, with full-time supervision by an experienced geoenvironmental engineer. The method involves the mobilisation to site of a suitable tracked or wheeled excavator. This machine is then used to excavate through the strata while the Dunelm engineer records the nature and depth of the soils and also recovers samples for laboratory testing. On completion the excavated soils are replaced in the same order to leave a safe ground surface.

Trial pits are a rapid and cost effective method of assessing the shallow ground conditions at a site, since a number of trial pits can be completed in a single day. Trial pits can provide an assessment of obstructions in the near surface ground, particularly on previously developed sites.

It is also possible to excavate long trial trenches in order to determine the location of buried features such as the edge of a quarry.

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