Dunelm Goes Modular for Slope Work

Dunelm Modular Rig Provides Access to Reservoir Embankment

Dunelm have carried out a series of boreholes at the base of a reservoir embankment. The location of the holes was such that conventional drive plant was not suitable for access. Our modular rig, which can be broken down to parts not exceeding 50Kg, so that a two man crew can easily get the rig to inaccessible positions, was deployed to the reservoir location in West Yorkshire.

To allow safe access to the base of the reservoir embankment temporary stairways were put in place for the crew to use as access and the rig parts were lowered down the slope using our bespoke rig sled and electric winch. The rig sled and winch were used to remove the rig from site on completion of the works. This method allowed the rig to be on position within a couple of hours of mobilisation and several holes were complete to a depth of 5.00m within two days. This rig can carry out the same tasks as a standard window sampling rig including windowless sampling, UT100s, SPTs, soakaways and the installation of a range of instrumentation including standpipe piezometers, vibrating wire piezometers and inclinometers.

Please contact James Huntington if you would like to discuss how the Modular Rig can assist you, telephone 0191 378 3151 or email jhuntington@dunelm.co.uk

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