It all starts by recognising that effective data management is essential for successful site

With a track record of pushing the boundaries on data transfer in the site investigation industry we have a dedicated team of managers and technicians who can provide your project with accurate data when you need it, where you need it, and in the format, you need it. We have managed many fully digital sites where all data was transferred using AGS, from field work, lab schedules, results and reports and we can also work with clients to upload data to their own portals or provide a cloud-based portal for their project.

Effective data management is essential for successful site investigations as it enables the efficient collection, organisation, analysis, and interpretation of vast amounts of geotechnical and environmental data. This helps to ensure that decisions and recommendations made during the investigation are based on accurate and reliable information.

Collaboration is at the heart of good data management, understanding that a well-organised site investigation requires close cooperation between the client, consultant, laboratory, and other stakeholders and this is a priority in all the work we undertake.

Integration is Key

We also strive to ensure that the data management process is also integrated into the overall project management strategy, starting with a clear understanding of the data requirements of the investigation. Digital technologies and data management software are used appropriately to significantly improve the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of site investigations and we offer real-time data collection and sharing, reducing the risk of errors and data loss. The use of digital management processes also allows automated data analysis, visualisation, and reporting, which saves you time and resources – welcome on any project.