With our extensive expertise in writing coal mining risk assessments and in-depth knowledge, we specialise in conducting assessments that comply with the requirements set by the Coal Authority.

Following the CIRIA C758D guidance. These assessments are essential for planning applications in coal mining areas, as it is now a statutory requirement to consult with the Coal Authority in High Risk Areas.

Our Coal Mining Risk Assessments are typically included as part of a comprehensive geoenvironmental Desk Study (Phase 1) report for planning applications. However, they can also be requested as standalone reports to meet specific needs.

At Dunelm, our desk-based assessments begin by thoroughly examining mining reports with Coal Authority data. We analyse published geological maps, geological technical memoirs, reports, mine abandonment plans, and historical borehole logs, enabling us to gather comprehensive information.

The risk assessment conducted by our experts covers various aspects, including the potential impact of shallow coal workings, the presence of mine entries in the vicinity of the site, risks associated with surface (opencast) mine workings, and potential risks from ground gases.

We take pride in managing all aspects of the coal mining investigation

including obtaining the necessary permits from the Coal Authority and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

Our approach is characterised by pragmatism and cost-effectiveness, focusing on providing practical solutions to assist developers operating in coal mining areas.

Partner with Dunelm today for reliable and professional Coal Mining Risk Assessments. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and benefit from our specialised services.