When undertaking preparatory works that involve cut and fill operations, having a comprehensive earthworks specification is crucial. This document serves as a guide and includes the following essential information


Site Details and Proposed Development Scheme

This section provides an overview of the site, its specific characteristics, and outlines the proposed development plan.


Earthworks Strategy

Here, we outline the strategic approach to be employed for the earthworks, considering factors such as site conditions, project goals, and environmental considerations.


Preparatory Site Works

This section covers various aspects of site preparation, including formation preparation, validation of the formation, excavation procedures, identification and management of soft spots, and stockpile management.


Acceptable Materials

We define the types of materials suitable for the project, such as cohesive fill and granular fill. These materials can be sourced either from the site itself (site-won) or imported from external sources


Unacceptable Materials

This section clearly identifies materials that are unsuitable for use in the earthworks, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and project specifications.


Placement of Structural Fill

Detailed guidelines are provided for the placement of structural fill, ensuring proper compaction and stability.


Validation of Structural Fill

This section outlines the process of validating the structural fill, ensuring it meets the required specifications and quality standards.

Materials Management Plans

In addition to the Earthworks Specification, we also offer services related to Materials Management Plans (MMP) under the Definition of Waste Code of Practice (DoW CoP). The DoW CoP scheme, administered by CL:AIRE on behalf of the Environment Agency, allows us to create MMPs for various scenarios, including:

  • Re-use on the Site of Origin
  • Direct Transfer of clean naturally occurring soils/mineral materials
  • Cluster Project
  • Combination of any of the above

Our qualified in-house personnel can draft the MMP in accordance with the DoW CoP scheme and subsequently declare it to CL:AIRE. This ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and proper management of materials throughout the project lifecycle.