When it comes to obtaining crucial information about a site, Phase 2 site investigations are essential. Our investigations are designed to provide you with the following valuable insights:


Determining Ground Conditions

We conduct thorough investigations to understand the ground conditions beneath the site, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the soil and geological properties.


Identification of Shallow Mineworkings

Our investigations help identify the presence of shallow mineworkings beneath the site, ensuring any associated risks are appropriately addressed.


Indicative Design Values for Road Pavement Construction

We provide indicative design values specifically tailored for road pavement construction, enabling efficient and reliable design processes.


Determination of Soil Infiltration Rates

Our investigations include assessing soil infiltration rates, allowing us to evaluate drainage capabilities and inform appropriate site planning and development strategies.


Risk Assessment for Ground Contamination

We assist in conducting a Generic Quantitative Risk Assessment (GQRA) to assess the potential risks associated with ground contamination. Our assessments align with the Environment Agency’s online guidance document, Land Contamination Risk Management.


Indicative Soil Parameters for Retaining Wall Design

We provide indicative soil parameters crucial for retaining wall design, ensuring stability and structural integrity.


Recommendations for Foundations

Our investigations offer valuable insights to assist in providing recommendations for foundation design, optimising structural stability and load-bearing capacity.

At Dunelm Geotechnical & Environmental Ltd, we prioritize delivering accurate and reliable data through our Phase 2 site investigations. Our experienced team employs industry-leading techniques and adheres to regulatory guidelines to ensure the highest quality results.