In cases where contamination has been identified during a Phase 2 site investigation, it is essential to develop a comprehensive Remediation Strategy.

This strategy is designed to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities, following the guidelines outlined in the Environment Agency’s online document: Land Contamination: Risk Management.

Our Remediation Strategy includes the following key components:


Site Details and Proposed Development Scheme

We provide detailed information about the site and the proposed development scheme, ensuring a clear understanding of the project’s context.


Summary of Previous Site Investigations

We summarize the findings from previous site investigations, including a comprehensive assessment of ground conditions encountered, identified contamination sources (including hazardous gases), and the Conceptual Site Model. This information serves as the foundation for developing an effective remediation plan.


Objectives of the Remediation Works

We outline the specific objectives that the remediation works aim to achieve. These objectives are tailored to address the identified contamination and ensure the site meets regulatory standards and project goals.


Options Appraisal

We conduct a thorough appraisal of various remediation options, considering factors such as effectiveness, feasibility, cost, and environmental impact. This appraisal allows us to select the most suitable remediation approach for your site.


Roles and Responsibilities

We define the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the remediation process, ensuring clear communication and accountability.


Gas Protection Strategy and Verification Plan

If necessary, we develop a comprehensive gas protection strategy to mitigate the risks associated with hazardous gases. This strategy includes a verification plan to ensure the effectiveness of the implemented measures.

At Dunelm Geotechnical & Environmental Ltd, we understand the importance of developing effective Remediation Strategies that meet regulatory requirements. Our experienced team follows industry best practices and leverages the latest guidance to deliver comprehensive and reliable solutions.